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Fans applauding Iker? It was bound to happen. When you talk about Iker you’re talking about a piece of Real Madrid’s shield.

Sergio Ramos  (via 12marcelovieira)

Its incredible how quickly the public forgets all that a player has done, specially a legend such as this.

My commentator talking about Iker (via willfuckforlouboutins)

"Todo el mundo sabe que soy Madridista de corazón, blanco hasta la muerte.”
(The whole world knows that I am a Madridista by heart; White until the death.)

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tumblr’s reaction to pluto being voted a planet

NONONO I thought it wasn’t actually a planet again! This is just a rollercoaster or emotions!

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IKERUCL 2014-15 - Group B - R02 - Real Madrid vs. Ludogorets Razgrad - 01/10/14